Storytelling is a means for students to create a narrative account of real or imagined events. Web 2.0 provides great communication tools which are able to support modern storytelling in a more efficient way. They allow your students to be creative in telling their story through words, pictures, animation, video and sometimes audio. However, it is all about the story... The good news is that digital storytelling is really about good writing, but being able to create and distribute their writing is exciting to students. Web 2.0 technology is a great tool for enhancing and distributing the story which will engage and motivate students.

This module of the course contains instruction on using GoAnimate and DomoAnimate, online tools for creating cartoons and animations. These easy to use applications offer tools for students to express themselves and tell their stories digitally. In addition, there are more storytelling tools for creating comics, animations and ebooks provided to explore on your own. You can navigate through this module by clicking on the buttons at the bottom of each page.

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