What is Sketchcast?

Sketchcast is a new way for you to communicate with your students and for your students to communicate with each other. It is a recorded online sketch, like an online whiteboard recording. Sketchcast offers the ability to record a sketch with or without voice narration. The movie file that is created can be embedded or linked. Drawings can be created using multiple colors and an eraser option is available. A teacher or student can use this tool to explain diagrams or math solutions and host it on the web via a webpage, blog or wiki. Watch the tutorial to your right to help you get started with Sketchcast.

How can Sketchcast be used in the classroom?

As an edcuator, you can use Sketchcast to demonstrate new concepts, such as the example on the right for finding the area of a triangle. Another example is to solve a math problem while explaining the steps with audio. This can now be embedded on your class website or blog. If students are stuck while doing homework or studying for a test, they can watch your Sketchcast! Students can also use Sketchcast to explain how they solved a math problem. They can use it to create illustrations of science concepts, such as the phases of the moon. Sketchcast could also be used as an alternative to the traditional book report.