productivity3.jpgProductivity tools provide users with a means to make their work easier and include word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, forms, and data storage. Productivity tools allow students to do something that was not possible without technology and then to share their results with others. Web 2.0 makes these tools available online and for free! Other benefits of online productivity tools would have to include the fact that work can be authored and edited by multiple people from their own computers, accessed from home or from school, and stored, shared and published online. This process promotes expressive forms of learning, problem-solving skills and collaboration among students, important skills for students in today’s technological world.

In this module of the course, you will learn how to use Google Docs as a collaborative online tool for word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations. This tool allows students to work together from school, home or anywhere they have Internet connection. In addition, there are other productivity tools available for exploration. You can navigate through this module by clicking on the buttons at the bottom of each page.

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