More Video Tools to Explore

Web 2.0 tools and applications provide numerous opportunities for creating video activities in the classroom. Below are a list of some that you can explore on your own.

  • Kid's Vid- FAVORITE! ´╗┐an instructional website to help teachers and kids use video production in project-based learning
  • Skype - online video conferencing tool
  • MagToo - create video slide, panorama and trips shows
  • JayCut - free video editor online
  • Jing - create videos from screencaptures on your computer
  • Creaza - movie editor that allows you to mix videos, images and text
  • YouTube Video Annotations - add speech bubbles, text and video inserts to a YouTube video
  • KeepVid - allows you to download a video from YouTube or other video site
  • Photobucket - upload, manage and share your photos and videos for free
  • KidsTube - monitored video sharing for kids
  • Math A Tube - watch and submit videos to learn mathematics