More Productivity Tools to Explore

Web 2.0 tools and applications provide numerous opportunities for creating productivity activities in the classroom. Below are a list of some that you can explore on your own.
  • Zoho - a whole suite of applications that are free and allow multiple users to collaborate
  • Chart Gizmo - free online chart maker
  • Kid's Zone: Create a Graph - online graph maker that is user friendly for students
  • Edit Grid - online spreadsheet with collaboration capabilities
  • Just2Easy - FAVORITE! education-friendly, this is a word processor, desktop publisher, web page creator, and web forms maker that offers sharing and collaboration
  • MyStudiyo - create great looking quizzes for your website
  • ClassTools - create flash-based games and thinking diagrams
  • Palbee - a shared meeting area around a whiteboard - show slides, write text, highlight and erase
  • Chartle - a simple chart making tool that includes interactive maps
  • Webnode - create websites for free
  • ThinkFree - online word processing, spreadsheets, and presentation tool