What is Jog the Web?

If you want your students to use online web sites, Jog the Web is the site to use. It is an online tool that allows the user to present a series of websites through a synchronous guide that is quick and easy. Jog the Web provides a nice way to create short learning tasks along the lines of Web scavenger hunts. The creator can add comments to each site, as well. This can be used to add guiding questions for students. The tool allows an easy way for the creator to keep students on track and where they are supposed to be.

It is simple to create an account and begin creating a jog. It even allows you to try it out before creating your own account. In addition, you can browse for other jogs to use with your students if they work with your content.

To create your own jog, start by giving your jog a title, description and topic. Then you begin adding pages to your jog. The site provides a web browser extension for you to easily add these pages or sites to your jog. When adding a page, you will need to add a title, the web URL or address and a comment, if desired. In the comment section, the user can add a question or task for students to complete while on this page of the jog. Take a look at the tutorial video to learn how to use Jog the Web.

How can I use Jog the Web with my students?

jogwebexample.jpgJog the Web can be used in many ways. Teachers can create a jog to present information from several web sites with any content area. It can be used to set up a web scavenger hunt, allowing students a safe way to research a topic on the web, or to differentiate instruction. Additionally, students can set up a jog to share research they have located. Click on the example to the right to "jog" through a unit about weather.