Graphics Tools


Students today live in a much more multimedia and digitized world than generations of the past which impacts their learning style. Providing them with audio, video and graphical modes of presenting information engages their learning. Allowing students to manipulate and create with graphics provides the interaction needed to enhance active learning. There are numerous software programs, such as Photoshop, which can provide this experience; however, many are costly and have a high learning curve. Web 2.0 now provides free online graphics tools in the areas of image editing, image effects, image generators and image sources. These tools allow students to collaborate and create easily.

This module of the course will focus on an image effects tool called Big Huge Labs. This tool allows students access to numerous activities for image creations, such as posters, trading cards, and pop art. In addition, there are more graphics tools to explore for image editing, effects, generators and sources. You can navigate through this module of the course by clicking on the buttons at the bottom of each page.

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