What is GoAnimate and DomoAnimate?

GoAnimate is free online cartoon software to create animated stories. Students can use the software to express themselves through a fun, visual writing tool. They use their creativity to design characters, backgrounds and props and add text in speech bubbles to tell a story. This activity allows students to hone their skills for conveying ideas concisely, sequencing a story, and communicating and collaborating with others. Take a look at the tutorial video to the right to learn how to use this program.

GoAnimate also has a new more moderated version for younger students called DomoAnimate. It is a fun and easy to use online animation program that can be used with elementary or middle school students to create animated stories. Students can choose backgrounds, characters, objects, and music for their scenes and then add speech bubbles and movement to the characters and objects. They can add more scenes and special effects to finish the story. These applications do require the user to sign up for an account (and does require an e-mail address), but a teacher could easily create an account for students to use. Once an animated story is complete, it can be shared via social networking sites, embedded in a website, or shared with a URL link that is provided.

Ideas for using GoAnimate/DomoAnimate in Education:

GoAnimate.com: Math Vocabulary by suzrod

Like it? Create your own at GoAnimate.com. It's free and fun!
GoAnimate oan be used by teachers to jump start students' interest in a concept or subject. Some ideas for the classroom include:

  • Science: Scientific Method, how to conduct an experiment, safety instructions, or to explain a concept
  • Math: Steps to solving an equation, patterns and videos involving scoring and numbers
  • Reading: story retelling, sequencing, grammar, or original works
  • History: timeline of events, tell about a famous person or place, or discuss economics
  • Art: demonstrating mastery of a specific concept or subject, like warm and cool colors