What is Big Huge Labs?

A free Web 2.0 site, Big Huge Labs contains numerous tools for creating cool effects with images. It's easy-to-use steps help students create projects in just a few minutes. Some of the tools offered include:
  • Motivator - make motivational posters
  • Pop Art Poster - create a 9 panel false color poster from an image
  • Magazine Cover - create your own cover with headlines for the magazine (see example below)
  • Movie Poster - choose a photo, title and credits
  • Hockneyizer - create a unique photo collage in the style of David Hockney
  • Badge Maker - make an ID card, press pass, or name tag
  • Calendar - create monthly calendars from photos
  • Trading Card - use photos and add your own text and symbols
  • Captioner - add your own combic book style captions to an image
  • Billboard - add a photo and a message to a billboard
  • and more!
View the tutorial on the right to help you get started and have fun creating!

Classroom Integration Ideas:

Students can use photographs or scanned artwork to create
Magazine Cover Creator at Big Huge Labs

  • Movie posters of book characters
  • Trading cards at the beginning of the year so the class can get to know each other
  • Trading cards of animal facts, habitats, explorers, or Famous Americans
  • Trading cards as a book trailer
  • Motivator posters of a character trait
  • Billboards to illustrate messages for Earth Day or conservation
  • Motivator posters of vocabulary words
  • Pop art poster or Hockneyizer for art class
  • Badges for people students are studying
  • Movie posters of historical events
  • Movie poster of a book/novel study
  • Billboards or motivator posters of places (habitats, ancient civilizations) as if created by a travel agency

Billboard creator at Big Huge Labs