What is Animoto?

Animoto is an easy online video creator that uses photos, videos, text and music to create a dynamic video production. Users can choose a theme and add their own photos, text and music or choose from the great selection of images and music on the site. Videos are then automatically mixed into a professional-looking video. Don’t like the video? No problem, just hit the remix button and you have a new video. Educators receive a free all-access pass and have security for student use. Completed videos can be downloaded or shared or embedded on a webpage. Watch the video tutorial on the right to learn how to get started.

Classroom Integration Ideas for Animoto:

So you may be wondering how you and your students can use Animoto. Take a look at the video example on the right, then check out some of the ideas below.

  • Create a 30 second commercial or public service announcement about...
  • Summarize the main idea of a passage/story in images and words in 30 seconds or less
  • Create video flashcards for vocabulary keywords
  • Create a simulated field trip
  • Great way to market your educational program to your school and local community
  • Present a wonderful end of the year video
  • Have students create a short video about themselves at the beginning of the year so that everyone can get to know each other
  • Great way to introduce a new learning concept to students
  • Great way to evoke student interest in a topic animoto.jpg
  • Have students create a short photo montage of a country you are studying
  • Create a video biography of a famous person
  • Create a video showing a math concept in images and text, such as fractions
  • Scan or take digital photos of artwork or illustrations showing a concept or story elements and create a video with them
  • Find images that illustrate a part of speech, such as verbs or adjectives
  • Create a video of the ABCs, similar to an alphabet book
  • Create an Earth Day or 100th day video
  • Showcase science projects or the science fair